2LDK Terrace house Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku

Unit Number
Building Name
2 / 2F
Terrace house
172.72 m²
Land Area
172.72 m²
Gross Yield
Land Rights
Maintenance Fee
¥0 / mth
Awadaguchi kajicho, Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Nearest Station
Tousen Station (8 min. walk)
Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line
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Hachise Co. Ltd.


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Building Description
This property is a two terraced used house (Kyo-machiya) located in Higashiyama-ward in kyoto.

<Building Structure> Two Storey Wooden House, One Storey Wooden House
<Building Date> Unspecifiable (Earliest record from 1887)
<Adjoining Street> Street Width : 1.66~3.02m, Frontage: 9m, Direction: West (Approx. Number)
<Renovation Date> Fully renovated in September 2018, including:
-All the plumbing products were newly installed (kitchen, bath tub room, wash stand and toilet)
-All the interior electric wiring, water plumbing, gas piping were replaced
-Interior and exterior renewed
<High Class & Sophisticated Residential Area>

From this quiet residential area, you can head north to the Heian Shrine, or go south to the Shorenin temple, Chionin temple, and then finally the famous Yasaka Shrine. "Awataguchi", used to be an area with villas that belong to wealthy aristocrats and other upper class people. Many architects and gardens were passed on by these group of people, which became the fundamentals of the scenery and atmosphere of this area.

<Fusion of Japan & The West Okazaki Area>

Also within walking distance, "Okazaki" is an artistic area with many museums and libraries. This is one of the rare spots in Japan where you can see a mixture of modern and ancient architectures from Japan and from the West. After taking a walk in this area, you can also rest at a cafe with scenery of the canal.

<Four Seasons of Beauty Natural Sceneries>

The east side of Kyoto city "Higashiyama Ward" is not only known for its cultural and historical sites but also for its abundant natural sceneries.
Mountain terrain, water canals, cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn; go on an early morning walk, and you can keep the beautiful sceneries all to yourself.
Date Updated
Mar 14, 2019
Next Update Schedule
Mar 28, 2019



2LDK Terrace house in Awadaguchi kajicho - Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Floorplan

Property Description

・This property is unrebuildable. You cannot rebuild any architectural structure on this land when the existing one is demolished or collapsed.
・The furnitures are included in the property price.
・This property cannot be used as lodging facilities such as guest houses.

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Air Conditioner
Counter Kitchen
Refrigerator / Freezer
Separate Toilet
System Kitchen
Underfloor Heating
Unit Bath
Washer / Dryer
Western Toilet


Tousen Station (Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line)
  • 8 min. walk
Sanjou Station (Keihan Main Line)
  • 15 min. walk


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Hachise Co. Ltd.

As citizens of Kyoto, we have a responsibility to preserve and protect Kyoto’s beautiful cityscape into the future.

Our town, where we live and work, has many old pre-war buildings.
Our stewardship must include the preservation of these old historic buildings through renovation, which will make them safely inhabitable as homes for future generations.

In the past, the life span for a house had not been a mere 30 years like it is today. Housing in the post-war period of high economic growth sees as a matter of course new construction as basically “scrap and build.” And this led to a radical transformation in construction methods as well as in considerations concerning their value.

In Kyoto, we have many beautiful old buildings. However, as these traditional old buildings—including the kyo-machiya townhouses, which contribute so much to the overall beauty of the urban landscape in Kyoto—began disappearing, we at Hachise began to realize the unique patina found in well-maintained old houses and that one simply cannot judge a building by its age.

With this in mind, Hachise has decided to create houses that have irreplaceable charms that cannot be realized with new housing construction, and we came up with a plan to renovate old houses to make the most of their potential value.
Our machiya renovations do not merely bring the house back to what it once was—for we aim for something much more than that.
Our renovated properties aim to help residents enjoy life better. By providing safer and more secure housing, our renovations also take into consideration the needs of a modern lifestyle. But what’s more, they help to contribute to the overall beauty of the city. Our homes are places of great beauty that allow residents to experience nature and to live in harmony with the four seasons.
At Hachise, we will continue to come up with plans for the renovation of traditional buildings that will serve to innovate and give new life to urban culture in Kyoto.

We continue to work hard to make Kyoto a pleasurable place for people to live.